Business information

Payment information

All amounts paid into Kromann Reumert's client accounts will be deposited in client bank accounts with a Danish bank at the client's risk and expense. Kromann Reumert does not accept any liability for amounts paid into Kromann Reumert's client bank accounts where the relevant bank subsequently fails. Consequently, Kromann Reumert cannot be held liable if the bank is not able to return the amount.

Transfers from abroad

Danske Bank
IBAN code: DK38 3000 4310 5070 32

Transfers from within Denmark

Danske Bank
Holmens Kanal 2
DK-1090 Copenhagen K
Reg. no. 4183, account no. 4310 507032


Nordea A/S
Vesterbrogade 8, P.O. Box 0850
DK-0900 Copenhagen C
Reg. no. 2191, account no. 0119 490235

Central Business Register (CVR) no.: 62 60 67 11
VAT no.: DK62606711
EAN-no.: 57 90 00 21 34 814