Corporate Social Responsibility

For Kromann Reumert, credibility is a core value. To us, credibility means accepting responsibility for our actions, for our development and for one another. To be true to this value, we also embrace our social responsibility - and that is why we are actively working with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Kromann Reumert makes the biggest difference in society by doing what we do best - providing legal advice. We use the expression ”pro bono”, which means ”for the benefit of society”. Pro bono work means helping society for free or at a reduced price.

Pro bono initiatives

Giving legal advice to charitable organisations is nothing new for us. However, it is only through our CSR work that we are organising our efforts to ensure that we make a decisive difference.

We work with suitable organisations and projects where our pro bono work will have a real impact. One of our initial projects involved cooperating with SOS Children's Villages and we continue to act as their lawyers and assist them with their legal work. Kromann Reumert has also entered into cooperation agreements with, among others:


Read more about Kromann Reumert's CSR work in our tenth report for Global Compact.

Global Compact CSR report

In September 2008, Kromann Reumert joined the UN Global Compact, an international initiative seeking to promote corporate social responsibility. Being one of the most important and internationally recognised instruments in this area, Global Compact is particularly useful in our CSR work.

As a member, we have a responsibility to support Global Compact and its Ten Principles, which are based on the UN human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption standards. Participants also undertake to enter into partnerships that make a positive difference - and Kromann Reumert is well on the way with its pro bono work.

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