Investor Update 2017 Q1


Kromann Reumert's Investor Update provides condensed insights, trends and market highlights on the Danish financial market to help corporate, entrepreneurial, bank and private equity clients create and act upon opportunities in the Danish market.
In this issue we bring you our legal experts' analyses and comments on recent trends within M&A, finance, real estate and tax. We also bring you the newest market highlights as well as our most recent deals within the areas.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jakob Hans Johansen and Jørgen Kjergaard Madsen take a look at board employee representation and how it may represent a "bitter-sweet Danish" for foreign investors. We also look into a new McKinsey report stating that private equity takes up a larger share of the total M&A market.


Trading in bad debts has not been customary among professional leaders in Denmark. That is until the financial crisis. Since then things have changed. Thomas Kaas and Teis Gullitz-Wormslev look into bad debts trading in Denmark and ask, is it here to stay?

On 1 December 2016, new and more relaxed rules on shareholder loans were introduced in the Danish Companies Act in order to increase economic flexibility and provide equal terms of competition for Danish companies in the EU. Read along as Jens Steen Jensen and Jakob Hans Johansen take you through the new rules on shareholder loans and how they offer useful opportunities for the company and its shareholders, as well as the potential pitfalls. 

In the last couple of years, we have seen a significant increase in the number and volume of Danish pension funds' investments in alternative asset classes. Jeppe Buskov and Jacob Høeg Madsen look into the new trend.


In a number of recent rulings, the Danish National Tax Board has confirmed that foreign investors in Danish private equity funds (or similar structures) would not be deemed to have a permanent establishment in Denmark. Arne Møllin Ottosen and Michael Nørremark take you through the facts and comment on the recent rulings.

Real estate

The amount of foreign capital flowing to the Danish real estate market has increased pressure on investment yields and resulted in Danish institutional investors allocating funds towards the financing of construction projects. Flemming Horn Andersen and Søren Andreasen take a look at the new trends.

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