High jumper in Berlingske Gold Image 2017 analysis


Today, the Danish newspaper Berlingske published its image analysis "Gold Image" ranking 140 known and trend-setting enterprises in Denmark based on interviews with 4,169 business executives. Kromann Reumert is among the front-runners in the field.
Kromann Reumert's notable progress qualifies us to be number five among this year's high jumpers. And we are described as the uncrowned image king of Danish law firms. We differentiate ourselves significantly from our competitors by having a clear profile that moves us 28 positions up the ranking to a 35th place. 

The parameters that have moved us up the image ranking include reliability, quality, responsibility and communication. 

According to Berlingske, our success is due to our increased external communication and the fact that partner Søren Skibsted has attracted particular attention in the press in connection with Brexit. 

"Communication is the parameter where Kromann Reumert goes against other law firms by jumping 26 positions up the ranking. Plesner, Bech-Bruun and Gorrissen Federspiel all face a descent, although they too are opening up more and more." 
- Berlingske Gold Image 2017 analysis, page 48

Our employees are among top 10

According to managing partner Arne Møllin Ottosen, Kromann Reumert's employees are the secret behind the success. He emphasizes that Kromann Reumert's employees are ranked as no. 7 among all enterprises and are considered to be among the most competent and service-minded among all 140 enterprises. Arne Møllin Ottosen suggests to Berlingske that the reasons for the top ranking of our image include two new initiatives:

"In 2016 we focused significantly on improving employee development. We have a comprehensive and individualised employee development programme comprising a large selection of professional and personal development initiatives. We refer to it as "Expect" to indicate the mutual expectations between company and employees. Our other initiative is that we have continued at full speed with our "Learning Center", which is unique within our industry and a very distinctive part of our external profiling. When it comes to the sharing of knowledge on current topics, we are no doubt the leader within our industry."