Kromann Reumert publishes Citizenship report


In our CSR report - Kromann Reumert Citizenship - we describe the CSR initiatives that we have launched in the period since the spring of 2016. A period in which we entered into various new pro bono partnerships with organisations focusing on young people and entrepreneurship, initiated a health campaign for all of our employees, and continued our ambitious work to share our knowledge with Danish businesses and with society in general.
During the now many years of Kromann Reumert’s ambitious and structured corporate social responsibility work, it has always been our principle that we must focus our efforts on what we do best: providing legal advice to businesses. Our CSR efforts are therefore based on our pro bono partnerships where we offer free advice to charitable organisations. 

Over the years, we have been focusing more and more on children, young people and education, because, after all, we all - businesses and society - take an interest in the welfare of the coming generations. Both in and outside Denmark. We also take an interest in the quality of the world that we pass on. We have therefore also engaged in projects that, in addition to the focus on young people and education, focus on development and technology; and, not least, how the new technologies can create a better and more sustainable world. Now and in the future.

You can read more about that in this report, in which you can also read about our latest CSR ambition: to enhance our knowledge-sharing activities. This ambition and our work to achieve it were emphasized by the Association of Danish Lawyers when, in the autumn of 2016, we received the Dreyer Award for our CSR work; an award that we are proud of, and which strengthens our commitment. We are proud of that commitment and will continue our work to promote our Citizenship values.

We hope you will enjoy the read!

Arne Møllin Ottosen,
Managing Partner

Read more about our CSR initiatives in the report Kromann Reumert Citizenship 2017.