Kromann Reumert publishes Citizenship report 2018


In our CSR report - Kromann Reumert Citizenship - we describe the CSR initiatives that we have launched in the period since august 2017. A period in which we i.a. entered into a new pro bono partnership with focus on children, young people and education, a trip to Uganda with Danmarks Indsamling, solar collectors on the roof of our Copenhagen office, and a continued focus on knowledge sharing with Danish businesses and with society in general.

Our CSR and pro bono activities are all about making a positive difference, contributing something to the world around us, of which we are all a part – as corporations and as individuals. We have pooled together all of our contributions into the framework of Kromann Reumert Citizenship. Under this label, our pro bono activities are targeting children, young people and education and human rights, and we integrate CSR into all of our processes. This, to us, is a natural part of doing business responsibly.


Our many pro bono partners work hard every day to offer especially children and young people at home and abroad the chance of a better future, and we are proud to be able to help out by sharing what we do best, which is to offer legal advice. In this year's Citizenship Report you will gain insight into, for example, our pro-bono work relating to children, young people and education in Denmark and in other countries, learning e.g. about our visit to Uganda with the Danish fund-raising campaign Danmarks Indsamling. You will also learn how we work with the UN Global Goals, with human rights and with sustainability as core elements of our business and our clients’ businesses.


With this Report, we also want to reaffirm our continued commitment to the UN Global Compact, of which Kromann Reumert has been a member since 2008.


Read our CSR report, Citizenship 2018, here.