10 areas of interest for your business in 2019


We highlight ten areas that may emerge in 2019. Areas which, if not handled properly or timely, may involve great challenges, but which may also offer new opportunities.

In 2018, many businesses used our Legal Risk Radar to help them identify some of the potential risks to which they are exposed and to obtain a tailored risk report. In preparing these reports, we have gained a good idea of how well-prepared businesses feel when it comes to addressing the risks facing them. Some of the data from the Legal Risk Radar have been summarised in the ten specific areas that are described in the report:


  • GDPR and the new reality that has set in ...

  • Do your executive service agreements stand the light of day?

  • Is your business loan portfolio ready for new turmoil on the financial markets?

  • Failure to handle internal fraud and corruption may prove extremely costly

  • Stricter avoidance rules may affect your business

  • Is your business prepared for a protectionist future?

  • What is your company doing to prevent cyberattacks?

  • The future belongs to the robots – are you prepared?

  • Sustainability is more than buzz – it can be an actual competitive parameter

  • How to create value with effective risk management


We hope that this report may help you understand how to address issues that may affect you and your business in 2019, so that you can stay prepared.