Once again, Denmark is announced the world's least corrupt country


Transparency International has recently published its Corruption Perception Index 2018, in which Denmark takes the number one spot on the list as the least corrupt country in the world.

Every year, Transparency International publishes its index, which is seen as the leading global indicator of corruption in the public sector. According to the organisation's website, the results for 2018 are based on 13 surveys and expert assessments. These all led to the ranking of no less than 180 countries from 1 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).


According to the index, Denmark has now passed last year's number 1, New Zealand:

The least corrupt countries in 2018



New Zealand








The most corrupt countries in 2018

North Korea 14
Yemen 14
South Sudan 13





Denmark – a highly attractive country for investors

Managing Partner at Kromann Reumert, Arne Møllin Ottosen, sees the result as confirmation of the reality we experience at Kromann Reumert every day:


"In terms of corruption, Denmark is indeed very clean. The transparency within our society and access to justice and legal advice are some of our nation’s cornerstones. This makes our country attractive for investors."

Corruption in a global perspective

However, the Corruption Perception Index 2018 as in the previous years, also highlights that corruption is a complex issue in the world around us. Internal fraud and corruption are some of them, and failure to handle these issues may prove extremely costly. Read more about this specific topic in our newly published 10 areas of interest for your business in 2019.


"Robust defense lines and compliance are key to protecting your business at home and abroad," says Hans Jakob Folker, partner in Kromann Reumert.


Read the Corruption Perception Index 2018.