2018 at Kromann Reumert – promising results, new initiatives, and full steam ahead


Our annual review offers a look inside Denmark's leading law firm and the events that shaped the past year for us. You will learn about some of our most remarkable cases and about the work and accomplishments of our employees, and this year, for the first time, we also present our CSR report Citizenship as part of the read.

This year, we combine our annual review with our CSR Report. Also in the years to come, we will be incorporating our compulsory UN Global Compact reporting into our annual reviews.


2018 started off well for us. We were named European Law Firm of the Year by The Lawyer and topped Universum’s annual ranking of law students’ preferred future workplaces. We are immensely proud of both achievements. Also, we have never before welcomed so many new colleagues to our firm. We are looking very much forward to their contributions to our clients’ many national and international cases.


Consistent with past years, the promise we saw in the first couple of months continued in what we are pleased to say turned out to be another year of remarkable success. We will be sure to use these results in 2019 to further solidify our position as Denmark’s premier law firm. If we are to succeed, however, we must stay hardworking, knowledgeable, ever curious, and willing to invest in change for the benefit of our clients – so we will do just that!


The inside cover pages of this publication are, once again, a tribute to our employees – as a thank you to them for continuing to set the standard within the legal profession.


We want to thank our clients, too, of course, for entrusting us with their assignments and for relying on us for advice in their most important decisions and challenges. We will do everything we can to remain worthy of your trust.


We hope you will enjoy the read.


Erik Bertelsen          Arne Møllin Ottosen
Chairman of the board of directors Managing Partner