Annual review 2019: A year focused on knowledge, development and relations


Our annual review offers you a look inside the past year at Denmark’s premier law firm. You will learn, among other things, about some of the most significant cases we handled, about the day-to-day activities and accomplishments of our employees, about our approach to knowledge work, and about our work with CSR, the Global Goals, and children, young people and education.

Only through the combined knowledge of our gifted employees do we succeed in setting the standard in the legal industry. Together. That’s why we are investing in our employees. In 2019, we trained a huge team of business lawyers, launched our leadership development programme, and were nominated for the HR Award for our work to promote the health and balance of our employees. We also, for the second year in a row, claimed the number one spot as the most preferred workplace among law students.


In 2020 we will be expanding on the work we have done in the past year to create a long line of client-oriented legal tech solutions. Solutions that are rooted in our advisory services and which we are confident will make life easier for both our clients and our staff. In this year’s Annual Review you can read more about, for example, the way we work with knowledge and what we do together to take our own and our clients’ businesses further. Tucked between these pages you will also find our annual Communication on Progress, offering you a glimpse of our work with the ten Global Compact principles for corporate social responsibility.


As trusted advisers and sparring partners, our clients are not only relying on us to provide them with top-notch legal advice. We also need to intimately know their business concerns. To that end, we introduced in 2019 the Kromann Reumert Mini MBA, an internal training programme set to hone our lawyers’ skills in commercial understanding and knowledge of our clients.


We want to thank our clients for the trust they show us with their day-to-day issues. We are proud to be allowed to advise on matters of great importance to our clients, big and small, national and international.


We hope you will enjoy the read.


Anders Stubbe Arndal Arne Møllin Ottosen
Managing Partner Chairman of the Board of Directors




This year’s Annual Review is released in March 2020 - in the midst of a worldwide corona crisis. COVID-19 is bound to affect all aspects of society and business, and thereby also the working lives of legal advisers, profoundly for the foreseeable future. Many enterprises have suspended their expectations for 2020 in light of the grave and exceptional situation in which we find ourselves. In this Annual Review, we look back on 2019 - a year focused on knowledge, development and relations.


As lawyers, we are not just advisers, we are also trusted sparring partners of many - individuals and businesses alike. The consequences of COVID-19 and the measures taken by governments to address them will doubtless be very much felt in the rest of 2020 and presumably beyond 2020, too. Many businesses will need legal advisers, therefore, who have commercial understanding and understand how that particular business is affected by COVID-19 and what (if any) mitigating measures are available. Our focus in 2020 will also be on supporting our clients’ business with relevant, business-oriented and hands-on legal advice.