Focus on green transition


Kromann Reumert joins Denmark's green think tank CONCITO. By joining CONCITO, we become part of a strategic partnership focusing on sustainability, green initiatives and climate policy targets.

CONCITO has just welcomed 11 new members, including Kromann Reumert.


"It is extremely positive for us in CONCITO to see that businesses, organisations and expert individuals take an ever increasing interest in our work. We see a clear trend that an increasing variety of operators wish to join CONCITO to take part in the efforts to speed up the green transition in Denmark. The very variety of CONCITO's members provides an important basis for the dialogue about speeding up the green transition," says CONCITO chairman, Connie Hedegaard, in a press release.


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Green transition requires action and collaboration

"There is no doubt that the latest election to the Danish parliament resulted in particular and decisive focus on the climate agenda due to the broad support to the climate targets, the adoption of the Climate Act and, not least, the EU agreement on climate neutrality by 2050. The corona crisis has obviously led to other and more acute problems that also need to be given top priority, but it is good to see that the crisis has not removed our focus from the importance of the green transition," says managing partner Anders Stubbe Arndal, adding:


"The transition that is needed to achieve the climate targets will require investments and introduction of proper incentive schemes. It is crucial that the massive aid programmes – which will certainly be necessary to bring the economy back on track once the corona crisis is over, hopefully in the not too distant future – are designed intelligently and in a manner providing maximum support to the green transition. The money surely cannot be spent twice, and Denmark has already proven that green transition can easily go hand in hand with economic growth and prosperity. It will require new legislation and, not least, strong alliances and partnerships among politicians, industry and citizens. Our membership of CONCITO should be seen in this light too.

Corporate social responsibility focusing on green initiatives 

Our membership of CONCITO is also an expression of our continued strategic work with our corporate social responsibility, including as to how we can make our days greener and contribute to reducing the climate footprint.


We have entered into similar strategic alliances and partnerships focusing on the UN Global Goals and green and sustainable solutions with other operators, for example HelloScience and, on previous occasions, Greentech Challenge.


Read more about our green initiatives

In our latest annual review, you can read more about our work with the ten UN Global Compact principles and the UN Global Goals, including our efforts to respond to climate challenges.


CONCITO briefly

CONCITO is an association with approx. 100 businesses, organisations and expert individuals as members. The members are involved in think events, expert monitoring groups and climate dialogues, and add new knowledge to CONCITO from research and practice that contributes to promoting climate initiatives and may potentially have a large effect. The members may also join as partners in new project activities and act as CONCITO ambassadors in sector and business contexts.


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