10 areas of interest for your business in 2021


Set the standard ‒ define the future. We have listed 10 focus areas that your business ought to consider in 2021. The report gives insight and inspiration for navigating a complex (legal) world.

2021. A new year awaits. A new beginning.


The year that is now behind us, the first of a new decade, forced all to adapt and adjust and plunged not only businesses but the whole of society into unchartered territory.


But a page has been turned. A beacon has been lit, and hopefully we are heading for, if not a new reality then at least a more familiar world – with cause for renewed optimism.


For although challenges remain and obstacles abound, there is a global restart on the horizon – and with it, for the prepared, comes opportunity.

We have therefore listed 10 focus areas that your business ought to consider in 2021. Areas that may cause problems if not handled correctly and in time, but which also might just give your business a firm basis from which to seek out opportunities and seize the potential.


We hope this report will give you renewed inspiration and serve as guidance in a still complex (legal) environment.

The 10 focus areas

  • Life science and digitization: Digital health – a future full of intelligent solutions

  • Green transition: Green restart – prepare and prosper

  • Disputes and insurance: Disputes are increasing in number and complexity

  • Sustainable IT: Sustainable sourcing of IT and technology services is good business

  • Working environment: Working environment, home working and #metoo in a time of corona

  • Financial covenants: Time to adjust your financial covenants?

  • Digital marketing: Is your business up to date on the digital marketing rules?

  • Corporate governance: Good corporate governance includes social responsibility

  • Direct investments: Increased focus and tightening of FDI rules

  • Insolvency and restructuring: Risks and management liability in times of uncertainty

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