Corporate Criminal Law

The Danish business world is facing tighter regulation within the area of corporate crime and increased criminal law sanctions for breach of certain key laws, such as capital markets law and competition law. 
This happens at a time of increased media attention to corporate governance, corporate crime, compliance and business ethics, also in the light of specific "scandals". For individual businesses, increased legislation means tougher and more consistent sanctioning of offences and an increased risk of being judged in the media before a finding of guilt.

Fully compliant businesses and their employees may also be affected by the tighter legislation in that they may need to conduct internal investigations in connection with risk management and ensuring compliance with law.

Such time- and resource-intensive investigations risk taking focus away from what is most important - conducting business. Kromann Reumert offers an experienced team of trusted advisers who can support businesses and their management by understanding the pressures faced by management and employees and identifying and helping to avoid the many possible pitfalls.

Our advice

Kromann Reumert is the first leading Danish law firm to establish corporate criminal law as a practice area. We offer the services of Denmark's largest legal team and several of the country's leading experts within all key areas of corporate criminal law to our clients.

Our advice includes:

  • Capital markets law (including the provisions of the Danish Securities Trading Act on market abuse - insider dealing, market manipulation, and disclosure requirements) 
  • Competition law (including cartels) 
  • Environmental law 
  • Corruption 
  • Money-laundering 
  • International trade (export bans, etc.) 
  • Tax and VAT law 
  • Company law prohibitions (self-financing, etc.) 
  • Insolvency law (including criminal breach of trust and fraud)

We advise businesses and individuals in corporate and other white collar criminal law matters and carry out internal investigations. We also advise clients on damages and other compensation to the victims of corporate crime

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