Kromann Reumert advises clients in Denmark and abroad on all aspects of IP law.
We are one of the largest IP groups in Denmark and our aim is to be the leading adviser in this field. We provide advice on Danish law and are also able, through our international contacts, to assist clients in cases involving other countries or relating to IP infringements on the Internet.

We hold a leading position in conducting IP litigation in all Danish courts and before administrative complaints boards in Denmark and at the European level.

What others say about us

Kromann Reumert's IP group is rated on a regular basis in international directories.

In its recommendation of Kromann Reumert's IP group, Legal 500 states, among other things:

Kromann Reumert’s seven-partner team has ‘strong business acumen and superior knowledge’ is considered to be ‘better prepared than its opponents’.

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Agency, franchise and distribution agreements

Kromann Reumert has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating all types of distribution agreements, including agency and franchise agreements.

We advise Danish and international clients on the conclusion, interpretation, performance, enforcement and termination of their contracts, including in connection with litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Consumer law

Consumer law attracts increased attention due to i.a. the tightening of the consumer protection rules, the implementation of class action rules and the increased focus on consumer matters in the media and in the general public.

Kromann Reumert is one of the few law firms in Denmark with key competences in the area.

We offer advice on the consumer law aspects of:

  • Marketing law
  • The sale of goods
  • The privacy rules
  • E-commerce/distance selling etc.

We assist businesses with advice and dispute resolution services, including complaint proceedings before the Danish Consumer Complaints Board, and communicate with the Consumer Ombudsman and other authorities.


Kromann Reumert advises on all aspects of copyright, including:

  • Protection of newspapers
  • Protection of magazines
  • Protection of books
  • Protection of films
  • Protection of television and radio programmes
  • Protection of games
  • Agreements on the assignment and/or exploitation of copyright
  • Agreements governing employees' copyright in works developed for the employer 
  • Freelance agreements
  • Advertising agency agreements
  • Cases involving product imitations or counterfeit products 
  • Copyright infringement cases


E-commerce is an area characterised by rapid development and involves new opportunities and risks to businesses.

Kromann Reumert assists a large number of Danish and international clients in connection with the marketing and sale of their products on the Internet, and also across borders. In many cases, such activities are associated with special legal challenges, including in relation to:

  • Consumer rights
  • Rules on means of payment
  • Marketing rules
  • Processing of personal data
  • Disclosure obligations 
  • Complex rules on choice of law and jurisdiction

We also advise clients who risk incurring liability for damages or criminal liability under the rules applying to Internet service providers.

IP contracts

Kromann Reumert assists R&D firms, media and entertainment companies, interest groups and clients in the sports world when they enter into contracts for the exploitation, assignment or use of IP rights, offering advice on:

  • Licence agreements
  • Co-operation agreements
  • Transfer agreements
  • R&D agreements
  • Sponsor agreements
  • Players' contracts 
  • Franchise agreements

We also hold significant experience in the establishment and ongoing adjustment of licence portfolios and compliance programmes.

IP due diligence and risk management

Kromann Reumert assists a large number of Danish and international clients in connection with due diligence investigations in Denmark and abroad. We draw up vendor due diligence reports and assist in the implementation of IP compliance procedures.

We also regularly advise on corporate risk management and the introduction of enforcement strategies etc., and in many cases we also recommend other IP advisers in Denmark and abroad to our business clients.

Marketing law

Kromann Reumert is a leader on both b-t-c and b-t-b marketing law, whatever your industry. We take pride in delivering operational, sustainable and simple solutions to the often complex problems arising in marketing law in today's world. Not only do we monitor the development, we create it - also in the digital arena, where marketing law and data protection law are often intertwined.


We maintain close dialogue with the Danish Consumer Ombudsman, the Danish Data Protection Agency, advertisers and the advertising industry, and we can help your business to quickly get up and running safely and in full compliance with marketing law requirements. Give us a call if you need quick hotline assistance, legal sparring or assessment, permission texts, consumer terms and conditions, help in dealing with authorities, consumers, competitors or anyone else.


We are leading experts also in that part of marketing law which concerns intellectual property. If you find your product or design infringed by anyone, or find yourself accused on infringing someone else's rights, we can advise and assist you safely, efficiently and quickly.

Patents and utility models

Planning and conducting litigation relating to infringement and validity of patents and utility models have for many years been among Kromann Reumert's core IP skills, and we hold a leading position in this field.

We assist clients in all business sectors on patent issues - from chemical/pharmaceutical and biotech companies to organisations in the mechanical and electronic industries. We are used to quickly familiarise ourselves with complex technical issues, co-operating closely with the client's regular patent attorney or with technical experts selected from our extensive network.

Kromann Reumert conducts a large number of cases concerning:

  • Infringement and validity of patents and utility models in all Danish courts
  • Ownership of inventions, including in Danish or international arbitration proceedings

International contracts

We are often a part of international litigation teams together with international associates, enabling us to rapidly identify qualified colleagues ad hoc who we know personally in other jurisdictions. We may therefore offer our clients prompt action, if they need to enforce their rights or defend themselves against enforcement by competitors.

Through our voluntary organisational work, we contribute to the international development of patent law, and regularly lecture on patent litigation to Danish businesses, advisers, experts and judges at courses or closed seminars.

Processing of personal data

Kromann Reumert has a detailed knowledge of the rules governing the processing of personal data, including the rules in for example the Danish Financial Business Act.

We provide advice on i.a.:

  • Drafting of privacy policies
  • Direct marketing and the use of personal data
  • Introduction of whistleblower arrangements
  • Processing of credit information
  • Transfer of data from central databases to third countries
  • Conclusion of contracts with data processors
  • Safety requirements 
  • Notification and permission issues

We have over the years gained valuable experience in communicating with different authorities, both to inquire about and to obtain permission to data processing and for the purpose of representing clients in complaints and regulatory procedures.

Product imitations

Over many years, Kromann Reumert has developed a unique position in the area of product imitation.

Having litigated a substantial part of the imitation cases that have been of general public importance, we have gained a broad experience in product imitation issues, in sectors such as industrial art, clothing and furniture, and also in the IT and technology sectors.

We assist in Danish as well as international counterfeiting disputes and in other product imitation cases, where the principal question often is whether a given product is an imitation. We often assist in customs seizure cases, and in search and seizure, enforcement and imitation proceedings involving copyright, marketing, trademark and design right law. 

We also provide expert advice to our clients on:

  • Whether and how a product can and should be protected
  • How to avoid infringing the rights of others 
  • Which procedural strategy may be pursued in case of infringement proceedings

Trademarks and domain name

Trademark and domain name law are IP disciplines in which Kromann Reumert has extensive experience and skills and enjoys international recognition. We have for many years provided advice and conducted litigation at all instances in high-profile disputes about trademarks, domain names and other distinctive marks.

Trademark and domain name law often involves international aspects. Kromann Reumert's IP group co-operates with a wide network of international contacts who have expert knowledge and experience and who may provide assistance and conduct cases abroad for our clients, at short notice if need be.

We regularly advise a large number of Danish and foreign businesses in cases involving trademarks, domain names and other distinctive marks.

Our assistance includes:

  • Strategic and practical advice for the purpose of protecting and enforcing our clients' Danish, European and international rights as well as dispute resolution 
  • Advice in cases relating to country codes and generic top level domains 
  • Advice in cases heard by national or international complaints or appeal boards 
  • Advice in cases involving parallel imports from EU and non-EU member states