Outbound legal

Our international expertise and experience enable us to offer strategic and legal advice across a range of legal disciplines, whether the need arises in Denmark or abroad.
Our clients operate internationally on an ever more globalised market and come to us with international strategic and legal challenges. We meet those challenges, drawing on our: 

  • in-depth understanding of our clients’ business and market
  • seamless and cost-efficient case handling from Denmark
  • decades of experience and international expertise
  • access to the world’s leading international network of law firms

Thorough appreciation of business and market

We invest heavily in achieving a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, of their strategies, and of the particular challenges facing them. That way we can lead them safely through ventures abroad and help them tackle the legal challenges that go with those ventures. 

Seamless and cost-efficient

We are a one-stop shop and help our Danish clients all the way when they set up abroad, make foreign-market investments or are involved in other matters abroad. 

International expertise

Our lawyers have substantial international experience, and we invest continuously in the creation of specialist competencies on international affairs. We also collaborate extensively with foreign law firms and are the only Danish firm to be a member of Lex Mundi, the world’s biggest and most efficient international network of lawyers, bringing together 160 of the world’s leading independent law firms. We have also had a permanent establishment in London for more than 25 years. For our clients, this means access to qualified advice from a broad selection of experts from every corner of the globe.

Contacts within Outbound legal

Torben Waage

Partner (Copenhagen)