Companies are often looking at outsourcing as a source of potential savings and quality improvement in their organisation. However, outsourcing also entails pitfalls that cause costs to raise, delay time-to-value and prevent companies from achieving the intended benefits.
We can take an outsourcing transaction from concept to contract in all industries and offer a structured process that supports the cornerstones of success when outsourcing. Our legal group is the largest on the Nordic market offering broad domain knowledge and deep expertise.

With our to-the-point approach focusing on essentials and getting the deal done, our proven tools and our broad experience in pricing and service delivery models we help secure the objectives of the outsourcing and support the business case.

Our capabilities include:

  • Information technology outsourcing (ITO)
  • Telecommunications outsourcing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Facilities management outsourcing
  • Outsourcing health-check, training, and seminars

Information technology outsourcing (ITO)

IT is the backbone of many companies' operations and is critical to their growth because it provides scalability and the ability to successfully manage the increase in the complexity of the organisation, its processes and business model. As more companies look towards their IT department to reduce costs or better support business transformation, ITO becomes an option for many.

We have significant experience in structuring and negotiating ITO contracts, and are highly familiar with the various service deliveries. At the same time, we have over the past years accumulated valuable industry knowledge and are experienced in negotiating with well-known players on the Nordic market.

Apart from the "classic" legal aspects of an outsourcing deal, we also have an understanding of the technical and commercial considerations behind IT outsourcings and offer a proper catalogue of examples related to service delivery models, target levels, service credits and other relevant matters, making our outsourcing practice a one-stop-shop for all but the most technical consultancy needed.

Our capabilities include:

  • Infrastructure management and operations
  • Applications development and maintenance
  • Data centre and desktop/client services
  • Network services

Telecommunications outsourcing

Outsourcing of network operations to a professional managed services provider has become an inevitable consideration for telcos and network operators when evaluating their operational model. However, network outsourcing is a highly complex matter and the challenge often lies in structuring a deal that ensures savings while providing proper incentives for increasing network performance.

Telecom-specific transactions play a major component in our outsourcing transactions, and we have gained substantial experience in this field. For years, we have advised on outsourcing of the operation, maintenance and build-out of fixed and mobile networks. Our network sourcing experience includes major cross-border transactions for Danish as well as European mobile operators.

From strategy to implementation, we provide hands-on involvement in everything from defining business principles, describing requirements and drafting contracts that help secure the business case. This ensures a holistic approach to network transformation and development. We have in-depth experience in structuring specific terms for build-out of mobile sites and understand how to use target levels to create strong incentives.

Our capabilities include:

  • Network Managed services
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Network transformation and improvement
  • Build-out 

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Outsourcing of business processes is characterized by being highly tailored to the specific client and the process being outsourced. It requires additional attention when designing pricing models, target levels, and governance functions to secure a deal that fulfills the purpose of the outsourcing.

Our experience with BPO outsourcing is highlighted by engagements relating to areas such as healthcare, human resources, and finance and accounting, and we have special experience in assisting companies in regulated industries with their business process outsourcings.

We design the deal and contract structure to fit varying client needs, industries, and situations, from individual processes through to multiple business functions and from small players to regulated industries. Our experience in developing and defining appropriate service levels in unison with our client help secure compliance and support the business.

Our capabilities include:

  • Regulated industries
  • Human resources
  • Payroll management
  • Finance and Accounting

Facilities management outsourcing

Outsourcing of facilities management and similar services come in many different forms and with varied requirements, but they share a need for a specific focus on pricing models and the measurement of service levels in order to ensure mutual accountability.

We have experience across a broad range of agreements from single sourcing of specific cleaning or plant watering functions over canteen services to full-scope handling of facility management, including such services as building maintenance services, guard and reception services and car fleet handling.

We focus on defining objective and operational ways to measure the quality of services and customer satisfaction, and to craft meaningful performance incentives. Our processes and our vast pool of standard documentation provide a cost-effective tool when negotiating FM outsourcings.

Our capabilities include:

  • Facility management outsourcing
  • Canteen services
  • Optimized cleaning services
  • Benchmarking procedures

Health-check, training and seminars


A large share of outsourcing arrangements end up with dissatisfied customers that feel their business case has been undermined and that the partnership with the vendor has been unnecessarily strained. We have successfully performed health-checks of outsourcing arrangements that end up with our recommendations on how to improve the outsourcing partnership.


In order to ensure that key personnel throughout an organization understand and manage the companies' outsourcing contracts effectively and efficiently, we offer contract management and other training to key staff and management in the essential contract provisions of outsourcing contracts. 


Not every organisation has the budget or the inclination to engage an outsourcing advisor to help with every outsourcing program detail. Recognising this, we offer seminars for our clients on topics such as deal trends, sourcing potential, processes and preparation, key success criteria, and vendor and industry landscape, all for the purpose of enabling our clients to itself improve value from outsourcing.