Project Centre

The Project Centre supports Kromann Reumert's core services by providing solutions to specific and complex matters for our clients.
Relying on our team's different professional qualifications and focusing on project work, we can offer clients a wide range of competences.


Different clients need different solutions. We therefore tailor our services to each specific assignment, working closely together with the lawyer who holds client responsibility.

Our skills include:

  • Project management
  • Coordination
  • Logistics
  • Client communication
  • Resource allocation 

These skills are particularly relevant for work on large and complex cases, where project management is decisive for successful case administration.

Our project-based approach contributes to more efficient completion of assignments within Kromann Reumert. We strive to develop tools that can further strengthen the project work processes.


At Project Centre, it is our ambition to offer a variety of services that can support specific client assignments, including:

  • Coordination of the project with the client and the relevant partner/lawyer
  • Preparation of project plans and recruitment of participants
  • Management of deadlines, delivery processes, project planning and in-house resource allocation
  • Reservation of conference rooms, organisation of physical as well as virtual data rooms and appointment of indexation teams
  • Follow-up on and evaluation of projects and cases

One of the Project Centre's key responsibilities is to arrange physical and virtual data rooms, which includes instructing users in the new technology and providing helpdesk services to assist with any problems.

Contacts within Project Centre