State Aid Law

State aid is an area of the law that is undergoing by rapid development and new case law continues to appear, changing the legal reality for both granting authorities, beneficiaries and potential complainants.
State aid law has attracted increased attention over the past years, e.g. as a result of the European Commission’s detailed notice from 2016 and the implementation of new repayment rules.

Kromann Reumert’s state aid group comprises leading specialists in EU state aid law who assist both granting authorities, beneficiary undertakings and complaining undertakings. Our “Competition Law Economics” specialist unit offers ongoing assistance in our state aid cases.

We advise on all aspects of state aid law in connection with business restructurings and conclusion of agreements between private and public entities. We have been involved in state aid cases heard by both the European Commission and the Danish authorities, including the balance between the authorities’ powers and the multiple procedural challenges that are associated with state aid. We are also experienced in dealing with complex cross-border aid schemes within a wide variety of business sectors, including the following: energy, culture, health, research, education, tourism, agriculture, food and sports. The cases have involved direct aid in general as well as specific issues relating to privatisation, public procurement, guarantee arrangements, pan-European projects, and infrastructure.

We assist our clients in answering questions such as:
  • how should an aid scheme be structured to ensure compliance with the state aid rules;
  • how should an investigation be handled to minimise state aid risks; and
  • how can one complain about a decision to grant state aid to a competitor.

Contacts within State Aid Law