Telecommunications is a heavily regulated area in a state of constant technological and commercial development. Technical specialist knowledge and commercial understanding of the industry are required to address the legal problems that arise.
We have over 20 years of experience in advising on all aspects of telecommunications law, and our client base includes public authorities, infrastructure owners and providers, manufacturer and end users. Our advice is therefore grounded in a fundamental commercial and technical understanding of the problems arising within the telecommunications industry.

It is important to us that our advice is easy to understand and useful for the customers concerned – even where the subject matter is complex. We are therefore highly attentive to our clients' unique situations, decision making processes and their requirements, when we communicate our advice.

We offer advice on:

  • Regulatory matters 
  • Telecommunications contracts
  • Transactions and M&As
  • Dispute-related matters

Regulatory matters

Anyone intending to carry on a business in the telecommunications industry cannot avoid adapting to the detailed and complex legal framework governing the provision of telecommunications services.

We understand the technical and commercial problems and challenges, and have been handling these in a regulatory perspective since the liberalisation of the industry in the 1990s. We have good relations with the relevant authorities in the sector, and overall we have a broad network that keeps us up-to-date on the latest legislative initiatives in Denmark and across Europe.

We provide broad advice to all players within the telecommunications industry, including public authorities, infrastructure owners and providers, manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, and end users.

Our areas of advice include:

  • Licence issues, including in connection with tenders and auctions
  • Requirements for the providers of telecommunications services
  • Infrastructure planning such as interconnection, mast legislation, roaming and similar
  • Competition law issues within telecommunications regulation
  • Equipment regulation with the introduction of new telecommunications products to the market, and
  • Broadcasting issues

Telecommunications contracts

The drafting of telecommunications contracts requires extensive knowledge of technical, commercial and regulatory issues.

We have considerable experience in drafting, executing and negotiating the various types of telecommunications contracts. And because we have represented both customers and providers/suppliers in different contexts, we bring experience from both sides of the table.

This experience enables us to make a significant contribution to the process of assessing the commercial objectives of the contracts and selecting the corresponding wording needed to achieve them.

Our areas of advice include:

  • Outsourcing of telecommunications services
  • The supply, operation and maintenance of telecommunications and broadcasting equipment
  • The sale, leasing, connection, operation and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Content services contracts, and
  • Cooperation agreements

Transactions and M&A

Transactions like mergers and acquisitions, sales or the outsourcing of telecommunications companies require considering and making decisions on a multitude of aspects peculiar to the telecommunications industry, particularly competition law matters, regulatory issues, licences, infrastructure planning and transfers of customers.

We have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions involving companies possessing infrastructure and licenses, and in coordinating with the authorities and technical and financial advisers in that regard. We have been involved in large national projects for outsourcing infrastructure operations, and we have assisted in a multitude of international outsourcing projects. Finally, we have wide-ranging experience in investing in and selling technology companies.

We can assist in:

  • Trimming the company for a sale (adjustment of group structure etc.) 
  • Identifying outside circumstances that may affect the transfer or investment 
  • Choosing the transaction structure 
  • Structuring the transaction process 
  • Drafting documents which will later form the basis for the transaction, for example:  non-disclosure agreements 
  • letters of intent 
  • transfer or investment agreements 
  • warranty catalogues 
  • shareholders' agreements
  • due diligence reports
  • various relevant corporate documents 
  • management and key employees agreements
  • warranty programmes, etc.

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We also offer assistance from our Project Centre, which has extensive experience in project management and with establishing and controlling physical and virtual data rooms. 

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Dispute-related matters

Managing telecommunications disputes often requires handling complex technical and industry-related issues, together with fostering good relations with the public authorities.

We have considerable experience in dispute resolution within the telecommunications and IT area, including litigation before the courts or arbitration proceedings before different tribunals, or by means of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation.

We are adept at handling technically and commercially complex problems, enabling us to quickly understand the proceedings and find practical and commercially viable solutions. Finally, we have good relationships with the relevant authorities, and a strong history of negotiating dialogue-based dispute resolutions with them.

Our areas of advice include:

  • Administrative complaints
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation, and
  • Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as court-based mediation and mediation

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