The European Union and the single market

Kromann Reumert employs EU law experts specialising in a wide variety of industries and legal practice areas. The EU Law Group works across industries and practice areas, but also offers separate advice on general EU law issues concerning the single market, the free movement, etc.
Kromann Reumert employs EU law experts specialising in a wide variety of industries and legal practice areas. The EU Law Group works across industries and practice areas, but also offers separate advice on general EU law issues concerning the single market, the free movement, etc.

We handle the interests of enterprises, municipalities and public authorities before the Danish courts and the European Courts in a wide variety of complex and high-profile cases requiring in-depth knowledge of the interrelationship between Danish law and EU law. 

In addition, we arrange conferences and seminars on current EU law issues, and our lawyers participate as EU experts in various committees, associations and European federations. We also publish books and articles in Danish and foreign journals.

We provide advice on: 
  • preliminary references to and direct actions before the European Courts;
  • contact with (and independent handling of) lobbyists within the branches of the European Commission in Brussels;
  • filing of complaints with the European Commission concerning insufficient implementation of or compliance with EU law in Denmark or in other member states;
  • compensation under EU law;
  • direct actions under EU law;
  • legal investigations and opinions;
  • compliance assessments under Danish and foreign law, including EU law.

Our EU law specialists provide assistance across the firm in cases involving an aspect of EU law. We have particular expertise in handling EU law aspects within the following legal practice areas:

EU exports and trade sanctions

We advise on EU free trade agreements and those EU export control regulations and sanctions against countries, individuals and/or organisations that are adopted by the EU as a result of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

In that connection we assist in cases concerning offences against the regulations and have extensive expertise in revealing potential offences and, subsequently, in representing individuals and enterprises in cases against business partners, authorities and courts.

We have particular expertise in economic sanctions and assist banks (typically) and other financial institutions in performing legal analyses of problems relating to the EU sanction regime.

We also advise businesses on import and export requirements under current legislation, including in connection with the obtaining of relevant export control licences from the competent national authorities in the EU member states, and other trade barriers and regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, our International Trade team frequently makes presentations on current EU export control legislation and what businesses can do to ensure compliance.

EU competition, state aid and procurement law

Our Competition Law Group is market leader within EU competition law, EU state aid law, and EU procurement law.

We have considerable experience from a number of large cases in Denmark, at the European Commission and before the European Courts and are experienced in handling high-profile cross-border cases. Our Competition Law Group includes a financial entity comprising to economists, who assist in relevant cases across the firm.

Within the state-aid area, we assist aid-granting authorities, aid-receiving businesses and complainants in state-aid cases concerning specific aid projects and more general issues. Within the procurement law area, we advise contracting authorities, bidding enterprises and complainants in procurement law cases.

Our specialist lawyers within these areas often publish books and articles in relevant journals, and several members of the Group regularly make presentations at conferences in Denmark and abroad.

EU financial regulation

We have Denmark's leading expert group of lawyers specialising in financial regulation and having in-depth knowledge of EU legal regulation.

We have broad experience in advising leading Danish and foreign financial undertakings in e.g. cross-border financial business, structuring and offering of financial products, representation of clients vis-a-vis the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and other relevant authorities.

Financial regulation today is to an increasing extent based on EU Regulations, and our advice therefore combines directly applicable EU legislation and Danish legislation, including legislation implementing EU Directives and purely national legislation. Our advice covers all aspects of financial regulation, including AIFMD, EMIR, CRD IV/CRR, Solvency II, BRRD, SFTR, UCITS, MiFID/MiFID II/MiFIR, REMIT, PSD II and IDD.

EU financial regulation is becoming more and more detailed and complex, so our specialist lawyers regularly hold seminars on the latest developments. Furthermore, the Group often publishes articles on relevant issues.

EU employment and labour law

Kromann Reumert's Employment and Labour Law Group has thorough knowledge of and experience in advising on EU regulation of employment and labour law. We continuously monitor and provide information on developments in case law relating to employment and labour law issues dealt with by the European Courts.

Our advice extends to all relevant individual employment law issues, including the various prohibitions on discrimination, the extent of the EU law protection of employees, executives and independent contractors, and the extent to which EU law regulation can be relied on before Danish courts in cases against public or private employers.

We have broad experience in advising on and conducting litigation in relation to collective labour law and the significance of collective bargaining agreements under EU law, including in relation to the special legal problems that become relevant in the Danish model when implementing EU law through collective bargaining agreements.

We also have detailed insight into and expertise in advising on the special regulations applicable to remuneration in the financial services sector.