The UK market

With over 25 years of presence in the UK market, and being the only Danish law firm with an office in London, Kromann Reumert is your obvious choice of legal adviser in the UK market.


Kromann Reumert is the only Danish law firm with an office in London. We have been present in the UK capital city for more than 25 years. Our strong representation in London combined with our many connections in UK law firms, government agencies, banks, private equity funds and NGOs give us a unique position to simplify business procedures and transactions between the UK and Denmark, regardless of the direction of the transaction.

We are based in the heart of London, right next to St Paul's Cathedral. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to meet us and hear what we can do for you and your company. 

Søren Skibsted

Partner (London, Copenhagen)

Kia Lindholm

Assistant Attorney (London)


Advice to Danish businesses with interests in the UK

Our primary goal is to help Danish businesses with interests in the UK by giving you easy and trouble-free access to legal advice in the UK:

  • in close cooperation with select UK law firms; 
  • with the same level of service and quality as you know in Denmark;
  • provided by experienced Danish and English lawyers;
  • with thorough knowledge of the UK market and the challenges typically faced by Danish businesses;
  • focusing on creating actual value by giving clear and practicable advice;
  • based on knowledge about the Danish business, its values and mission;
  • at prices that are competitive in the UK market; 
  • and with all of the elements expected in a professional business relationship between client and lawyer.  

Advice to UK law firms, private equity funds, banks and other businesses with interests in Denmark 

Our second goal is to provide direct access to Danish legal advice in the UK and to provide assistance to UK law firms, private equity funds, banks and other businesses with interests in Denmark, whether in the form of:

  • introductions; 
  • market information;
  • information on significant legal development; or
  • quick on-the-spot advice - in London.

Cooperation with leading local law firms

It can be a lengthy and resource-demanding process to find suitable local lawyers and to brief them on the culture, business structure and specific problems of the relevant Danish business.

We are the only Danish law firm in the international Lex Mundi organisation consisting of more than 20,000 lawyers in 160 of the world's leading law firms. Also, we have close relations with many other leading law firms around the world, enabling us to select the best local lawyers and brief them on all relevant aspects of the case. 

We coordinate the information flow between our client and the foreign lawyer, and we act as our client's representative and secure the most advantageous and cost-efficient solution for the client. Also, we ensure that the quality characterising Kromann Reumert's assistance is maintained in the assistance provided by the foreign lawyers.