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Kromann Reumert offers specialist trade secret advice within all relevant areas of law.

The technological development is faster than ever. Information is increasingly perceived and traded as an asset, and more Danish companies seek opportunities abroad. The protection of your trade secrets has never been more important. 


Kromann Reumert's specialist trade secret team can help your company protect your valuable trade secrets from misappropriation.


Our trade secret team consists of highly experienced litigators with a track record for litigating cases involving complex technology, leading experts within corporate criminal law as well as employment law experts.



Our advice 

We advise on all aspects of trade secrets, including:


  • identification of trade secrets for protection
  • internal investigations into potential trade secret misappropriation
  • internal investigations into potential criminal activities relating to trade secrets
  • litigation of trade secret cases before the Danish courts
  • drafting of confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements with employees and licensing arrangement involving trade secrets

  • compliance and training sessions for employees to engraft the need for confidentiality. 


Five reasons to take protection of your trade secrets seriously

Digital technology:

The development of digital technology has made it easier to illegally misappropriate a competitor's technology. Formerly misappropriation required physical access to the trade secrets, but nowadays trade secrets are often stored digitally and may be accessed by hacking.


Mobile workforce:

Most cases concerning trade secret misappropriation are cases against former employees. The mobility in the modern workforce is a challenge in that regard. In addition, many companies use consultants or other loosely affiliated partners that may obtain detailed knowledge of the company's trade secrets. 


Increased value of trade secrets:

The focus on innovation and new technologies in knowledge-based economies makes business trade secrets and IPR more valuable, which increases the risk of misappropriation. 



Many Danish companies operate internationally. The more companies that explore opportunities abroad and take their trade secrets with them, the higher the risk that their trade secrets will be misappropriated on the way.


The definition of trade secrets:

The definition of trade secrets is so broad, or flexible, that in practice misunderstandings and grey-zone issues are bound to arise.



The greatest threat to trade secrets


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Our advice includes: 

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