Stine primarily works with EU related tax law and transfer pricing cases. She graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2003, she holds a Ph.d. in EU law from the European University Institute in Florence (2007), and she has been a visiting research fellow at the University of Cambridge (2007-2008).

Before joining Kromann Reumert, Stine worked for the Legal Adviser to the Danish Government, and she has experience in areas such as tax litigation and preparation of preliminary references to the European Court of Justice.

Stine often gives lectures and presentations at international conferences, but also in other connections such as in the European Parliament. She has taught EU law as an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen (2010-2011) and has thorough knowledge of the EU decision-making processes from her time as a trainee at the EU Liaison Office to the UN in New York (2006) and at Denmark's Permanent EU-Representation in Brussels (2002).

In 2012, her book "The Enforcement of EU Law: The Role of the European Commission" was published by Oxford University Press. Furthermore, Stine is a co-editor of the Danish journal "Skat Udland".
  • Co-author of the article "Proposed EU financial transaction tax will harm Denmark" (Forslag til EU-afgift på finansielle transaktioner rammer Danmark), Skat Udland, the Danish international tax journal (March 2013)
  • Author of the chapter "Non-binding Peer Review within an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice", in the book Freedom, Security, and Justice: Intern- and Externalization in the EU and the Member States after the Lisbon Treaty (Springer Publishing, 2013)
  • Author of the book "The Enforcement of EU Law: The Role of the European Commission" (Oxford University Press, 2012)
  • Author of the European Parliament briefing note "The relationship between the Commission acting as Guardian of the EU Treaties and complainants: Selected topics", 2012
  • Author of chapters in EU-Karnov 2010
  • Author of the article "Procedural Overview and Substantive Comments on Articles 226 and 228 EC", 2008 Yearbook of European Law (Oxford University Press)
  • Author of the article "The Functional Overlap of Enforcement and Implementation Tools", 2007 Croatian Yearbook of European Law
  • Admitted 2011
  • English
  • The Scandinavian languages

The enforcement of EU Law - The Role of the European Commission

A comprehensive analysis of the European Commission's general role in supervising member state compliance with EU law. This book provides a detailed assessment of centralized EU enforcement.
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