Energy & Infrastructure

The energy market is characterised by complex market structures and regulations. In-depth knowledge of energy policy development and the regulatory and financial frameworks that market players operate within is essential to successfully navigate this market.
As preferred advisers we have built up profound understanding of the regulatory set-up and commercial opportunities in the industry.

Our advice includes:

  • Energy production
  • Wind and other renewable energy
  • Oil, gas and minerals
  • Electricity, heating, natural gas and other supplies

Energy production

One of the most significant challenges for energy production in Denmark is the ongoing shift in production from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources at a time when fossil fuel prices are becoming increasingly competitive. At the same time, the national economy is experiencing the effects of the financial crisis. 

The reorientation of energy production creates several challenges for energy producers:
  • Capital raising for projects to reorganise production
  • Project structuring to meet investor demand
  • Managing regulatory challenges and risks

We have extensive experience in reorganising energy production in Denmark, and have been involved as advisers on almost all of Denmark’s offshore wind farms. 

Our core expertise includes:

  • Capital raising to reorganise energy production, for example to implement biomass-fuelled electricity generation
  • Regulatory conditions for biomass-fired electricity generation
  • Establishment and upgrading of biogas plants
  • Structuring the reorganisation processe

Wind and other renewable energy

In 2020, approximately 30% of the energy consumed in Denmark must be produced by renewable energy sources – a considerable part of which must come from offshore and coastal wind turbines. To reach this target, the sector is now challenged to expand wind energy at a time when foreign players are entering the Danish market to compete for new orders.

Kromann Reumert's Energy Law group includes Denmark's leading specialists, providing expert advice on the legal and commercial aspects of wind energy. As advisers on most of Denmark’s wind projects to date, we have unique knowledge of the industry's special regulatory framework. We have also developed considerable international experience through foreign projects in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere.

We combine our commercial understanding with industry knowledge, and are experienced in advising small and large entities on major wind farm projects.

Our advice includes:

  • Regulatory frameworks, requirements for offshore wind farms, coastal and onshore wind turbines, as well as negotiation and conclusion of Turbine Supply Agreements
  • Sale, purchase and financing of offshore wind farms and coastal wind turbines
  • Company structures and partner models for offshore wind farms and coastal wind turbines
  • Project development
  • Due diligence investigations for existing projects

Oil, gas and minerals

Oil and gas companies operate in a competitive market that is receiving an increasing amount of political attention. On an ongoing basis, oil and gas companies are also expected to evaluate the future opportunities presented by new technologies and investors. In-depth knowledge of the industry's potential for development is crucial in advising these companies.

We have years of experience in advising clients within the oil, gas and minerals sectors – particularly for exploration and production activities. Our cross-disciplinary team offers cutting-edge expert advice on the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Our advice includes:

  • The Danish Subsoil Act and Pipeline Act
  • Licensing
  • Joint Operator Agreements 
  • Tender rounds and open door
  • Direct or indirect assignment of licences in whole or in part

Electricity, heating, natural gas and other supplies

Intensified regulation and the desire to shift to renewable energy resources is putting the supply industry under increasing pressure, and a highly diminished market calls for new legal and commercial perspectives on business efficiency and optimisation.

Our industry specialists have followed most suppliers of the utility sector closely from the outset. This enables us to advise our clients on the strategic opportunities and core industry areas within the existing legal framework and the significance of this for each individual supplier and their business.

We act as a key strategic partner for both small and large businesses in the utility sector. 

Our advice includes:

  • Planning of electricity, heating, natural gas and other supplies
  • Implementation of new legislative requirements
  • Growth opportunities and new business areas
  • Raising capital
  • Licensing
  • Financial regulation
  • Unbundling, billing rules and similar

Contacts within Energy & Infrastructure

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