Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure

The industry works with some of society's largest assets but is constantly challenged by limited access to liquidity and fluctuating profitability levels. 
Other industry hurdles include an increasingly recognised need for readjustment and development, and – particularly within building and construction – a need for optimisation towards industrialisation to reduce the scope for errors and defects, while increasing earnings.


Our Real Estate and Construction Law group includes some of Denmark's leading legal advisers in this area, who draw on extensive experience to deliver industry-oriented, holistic advice. We have been involved in both small and large matters to create solutions for clients that include Danish and foreign property investors, builders and contractors, as well as state-controlled and semi-state-controlled entities and authorities.

We offer advice on:

  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Construction and infrastructure projects

Corporate real estate

While many have an opinion on real estate, we have knowledge about all aspects of it – including buying and selling, leasing, development projects, and the public rules restricting the use of real estate.

Real estate covers a wide variety of property types and locations, each with its own set of challenges and structures that either provide opportunities for or put limitations on the profitable use of the property.

Real estate is a specialist area. Having worked with the industry for many years, our specialists have accumulated extensive experience and industry knowledge for small and large properties alike, enabling them to provide proper and useful advice to our clients.

Our advice includes the following areas:

  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Properties owned by estates that are subject to bankruptcy proceedings
  • Insolvency
  • Property tax
  • The purchase and sale of investment properties (commercial and residential leasing)
  • Commercial leasing law
  • Property financing

Construction and infrastructure projects

Building and construction projects, including infrastructure projects, generally struggle to satisfy the need for adaptation and face difficulties in generating adequate returns, often as a result of the complex conditions in the industry.

Our team of highly experienced lawyers can guide clients through the complexities and provide useful advice tailored to their specific needs. Some of the challenges typically faced in the industry arise from a lack of preparation, difficult tenders, unclear contracts, and poor risk management. We can help our clients reach sensible, well-argued solutions in collaboration with their advisers and their own staff.

We can help with:

  • The tendering process
  • Risk management
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • International rules and standards on construction contracts and consultancy agreements, including FIDIC 
  • Consultancy agreements and general/special conditions
  • Consortium agreements, agreements with subcontractors and suppliers
  • Public-private partnerships and cooperation agreements (PPP) (PPC)
  • Partnering
  • Relations with the public authorities - the Danish Planning Act and construction law
  • Advice during the building work or project construction, financing and handover
  • Handling of claims for delays and defects
  • Participation in steering groups
  • Financing matters
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Advice to builders and contractors during suspensions of payments and bankruptcies
  • Expert opinions and decisions
  • Dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation