The Financial Sector

The financial sector is continuously changing, heavily influenced by the global financial markets. Now more than ever, financial institutions need to perform under strict regulation and evolving market conditions.
We are Denmark's leading team of lawyers, combining multi-disciplinary and specialist knowledge of the financial sector with experience in the industry's most significant cases - from extensive bank investigations to the largest restructurings.

With our professional approach and industry expertise, we have the legal and commercial understanding of the need to improve efficiency and performance in a strongly regulated sector. This means that we can help secure our clients a strong position in the rapidly changing environment.

Our advice includes:

  •  Finance and asset management 
  •  Insurance and pensions

Finance and asset managment

The requirements for companies operating in the financial sector are increasingly sophisticated and complex. Maintaining a successful presence requires specialist knowledge about the regulatory environment and market conditions.

As the industry's leading experts in finance and asset management, we offer cross-disciplinary advice on practical regulatory issues. We often represent our clients in relation to the authorities - such as the Danish Financial Supervisory - and many of our specialists are able to draw on knowledge gained from previous employment with such institutions.

Our industry expertise has been definitive for clients who have engaged us to act on their behalf in the most complicated cases in the financial sector. It is this expertise that can add significant value to your business and ensure long-term solutions.

We assist Danish and foreign financial institutions and corporations, including asset managers, on:

  •  Financing and loan agreements 
  •  Capital raising
  •  Financial regulation
  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  •  Investment structures 
  •  Asset management and custodian
  •  Consumer protection
  •  Management and employment matters - including remuneration and incentive schemes

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Insurance and pensions

Accelerating political and regulatory development continues to challenge the insurance and pension industry. The rapid introduction of new and additional requirements necessitates an ongoing process of decision-making and continual adaptation.

We have extensive knowledge of the industry's regulatory set-up, and draw on many years of experience in advising major insurance and pension companies and the relevant authorities.

In our practice group we base advice on multi-disciplinary collaboration, which ensures that we stay at the forefront of regulatory development, advise on the key business opportunities and risks created by current and future legislative changes.

Our advice includes: 

  •  Insurance terms and conditions, group insurance contracts, policies, pension regulations
  •  Capital raising
  •  Mergers and acquisitions - including transfers of insurance portfolios
  •  Investment structures
  •  Management of insurance and pension companies
  •  Inspection visits and contact with the relevant authorities
  •  Interpretation and implementation of solvency requirements and investment rules
  •  FSA
  •  Litigation and other disputes

Contacts within The Financial Sector

Thomas Kaas

Partner (Copenhagen)