Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics is an important sector representing a range of businesses that face different problem areas. What is common for all market players is a competitive environment with a tight regulatory framework, and the need to address financing requirements and countless liability and insurance issues.
We have considerable experience in advising on the sector’s challenges and opportunities. Our many years of working with the market have resulted in a strong international network and several directorships.

Drawing on the close cooperation between our interdisciplinary practice group and our international business partners, we can offer you highly specialised advice.

Our practice group brings together specialists from various disciplines to deliver "to the point" solutions within:

  • Shipping
  • Transport
  • Aviation
  • Logistics and dispatch


As an area dependent on international trade, shipping has suffered with the global financial crisis because of decreasing freight rates. The crisis has increased the need for market players to seek legal advice and, in particular, assistance with the financing challenges facing the sector.

Our team has in-depth experience in advising shipping companies, charterers and businesses connected to the shipping industry such as banks, other financial institutions and shipyards. For over 40 years we have been Denmark's leading advisers within ship financing.

Our capacity provides us with a unique opportunity to assemble specialist teams that provides reliable advice to our clients. This includes advice on the industry’s legal issues and commercial challenges – including complex ship financing matters.

Our areas of advice include:

  • The purchase and sale of ships, including contractual negotiations, registration and closing
  • Acquisitions, sales and mergers of shipping companies
  • IPOs and capital raising
  • Chartering and management
  • Tax issues, including tonnage taxation
  • Shipyard issues, including reviewing and drafting contracts/terms, dispute resolution and insurance issues
  • Ship financing, including loan financing, bond issues, ECA financing, construction financing, bareboat financing and restructurings 
  • Employment law issues, such as industrial actions by the International Transport Workers' Federation or local trade unions, and in connection with the sale of vessels
  • Competition law issues, including liner conferences and pool cooperation
  • Litigation and dispute resolution


The legal rules governing the various forms of transport are extensive and complex, and therefore give rise to countless questions about interpretation.

Our practice group has thorough knowledge of the rules, standard terms and conditions, and practices governing transport-related legal issues, regardless of whether the form of transport in question is sea, air, rail or road. Our knowledge is based on extensive experience built on many years of case-handling for Danish and foreign cargo and liability insurance companies, including P&I clubs, cargo owners and carriers.

Inevitably, transport is an international activity, which means that disputes commonly include questions about choice of law and proper venue. Our specialists are familiar with foreign rules and procedure and cooperate with independent, foreign-based specialist lawyers – so that we can quickly provide you with the best advice.

We advise on all types of transport issues, including:

  • Load damage claims
  • Handling of hull insurance claims, including in the event of damage caused by collision or grounding
  • Salvage operations and general average
  • Charter parties
  • Transport and marine insurance
  • Preparation of insurance terms
  • Regulatory insurance issues 
  • Negotiation and drafting of framework agreements for all types of transport and logistics
  • International trade, including questions about sales and delivery terms, product insurance, letters of credit and similar
  • Advice on customs, VAT, duties and refunds
  • Litigation and arbitration in Denmark and abroad
  • Questions regarding driving and rest periods and other employment law issues


Airlines and airports must cope with severe competition and a constant stream of efficiency-improvement requirements. The aviation sector is also characterised by strict regulation and numerous legal challenges.

Our highly respected lawyers have many years of experience in providing advice to airlines, airports and other sector participants. We provide a first-class team and offer you insightful legal and strategic advice about the legal challenges facing your business.

Our areas of advice include:

  • Aircraft financing
  • Licences, certificates and other public law issues 
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts, including action contracts and codeshare agreements 
  • Damage or injury to aircraft, passengers or goods 
  • Aviation insurance matters
  • Employment law issues relating to airline staff and transfers of aircraft
  • Competition law issues 
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructurings
  • Litigation and other dispute resolution

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Logistics and dispatch

The products sought after and offered by forwarding agents and other logistics operators are increasingly complex. The traditional intermediary services provided by freight forwarders have been replaced by sophisticated transport and logistics solutions. The complexity of the service and the contractual framework has resulted in a number of new and similarly complex legal challenges requiring expert assistance.


Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the sector and draw on many years of experience to provide highly specialised legal advice.


We also have thorough knowledge of the industry-specific general terms and conditions such as NSAB 2000, including by virtue of having assisted the transport purchasing side with the two latest revisions to those general conditions.

Our assistance includes:

  • Advice on liability issues, typically in connection with damage, injury, miscarriage and delays
  • Drafting of logistics and framework agreements
  • Drafting of business and standard terms and conditions
  • Advice on insurance issues
  • Advice on customs, VAT, duties and refunds
  • Litigation and arbitration

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